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quant Group was born more than a decade ago, as a financial services platform in the midst of the 2008 GFC, with two simple yet powerful guiding mantras – ‘Being Relevant’ and ‘Predictive Analytics.’ The guiding philosophy of ‘Being Relevant’ means that in a dynamic and volatile world, to remain relevant, and to preserve and grow wealth, the test of time must be passed every day by continuously updating knowledge and innovating on systems and processes. This is enabled by ‘Predictive Analytics’: an all-encompassing framework for understanding and forecasting financial markets with the help of our forecasting tools, cross asset, cross market. Much before it became a global trend, since over 27 years now, I have been employing and synthesizing diverse market data sets. Over the last decade, quant Global Research (qGR) has created a formidable suite of analytical indicators and formulated the multi-dimensional VLRT framework. It has allowed us to build a successful predicting track record that enabled institutional investors and wealth management clients to greatly benefit from the decade-long ‘Most Hated Bull Run.’

At this juncture, the same philosophy, principles and analytical framework gives us the ability to foresee a period of heightened uncertainty across the globe. The wealth accumulated through easy monetary policies and ceaseless financial engineering is set to shrink substantially as the existing economic and geopolitical order implodes to reveal a new multi-polar world and economic system. We call this period the Great Reset of 2017-2047.

Beginning in 2016, we had showcased the ‘Biggest Bubble Before Burst’ and subsequently, our predictions have transpired to a large extent. 2018 was only the trailer and the coming few years will see an incredible and unexpected narrative unfold. Volatility and black swans will occur with increasing frequency, testing every part of the conventional investment and economic thesis. These events will in part be driven by Earth Changes (change in climate, weather patterns etc), which we measure though ‘Earth Analytics’

I have always believed that the flip side of any crisis is opportunity, as bubbles and busts are natural occurrences. To grow wealth, it is imperative to participate in the periodic bubbles but only equipped with a predictive framework and behavioral strength that allows the right exit. This is also derived from the driving theme of my life – ‘timing is everything’, or at least the most important determinant of success. Smart money always moves from one asset class to another. During the Global Reset, newer bubbles will form providing great opportunities, especially the ‘Most Unexpected Agrarian Bull Run.’ In such an environment, an adaptive asset allocation (as opposed to silo based focus on tactical asset allocation, or strategic asset allocation) approach to investment management will be crucial for investors to grow and protect their capital. The benefits of diversification across asset classes will be of utmost importance, more than at any time during the last couple of decades..

Finally, I would like to share what drives us every day to learn something new and push existing frontiers – a sense of responsibility to safeguard client’s money and the pleasure of creating a novel philosophy and approach to understanding the world. The Buddha wisely remarked that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That first step was taken over a decade ago and having learned to walk, we are now ready to run. Now, the synchronicity of nature has played its part again and in the midst of another brewing crisis, quant has embarked on a new, money management journey by acquiring the 22-year old MF of Escorts Group and re-launching as ‘quant mutual.’

An open mind and the courage to consider multifarious perspectives can be the greatest source of success in money management.

Sandeep Tandon

Founder & Chief Thought Officer

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