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quant Group was born more than a decade ago, as a financial services platform in the midst of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, with two simple yet powerful guiding mantras – ‘Being Relevant’ and ‘Predictive Analytics.’ The guiding philosophy of ‘Being Relevant’ means that in a dynamic and volatile world, to remain relevant, and to preserve and grow wealth, the test of time must be passed every day by continuously updating knowledge and innovating on systems and processes. This is enabled by ‘Predictive Analytics’: an all-encompassing framework for understanding and forecasting markets, across assets and geographies.

Over the last decade, quant Global Research (qGR) has created a formidable suite of analytical indicators and formulated the multi-dimensional VLRT framework

Incorporated in December 2007, the firm started its operations in May 2008.

Objectivity is our religion.

At quant, we believe that with quantamental analysis, data can be God. Advice is provided only on the basis of holistic analysis. In our dictionary, measurable advice is the only reliable advice. The route to providing measurable advice is to invest in the right people and the right technology. Ultimately, analysis always adds up and our identity tells you that.


The quant Group DNA is a set of principles which define who we are, what we believe in and what we aspire to achieve as an organisation. It is what binds us together as a family and gives shape to the way we interact – whether it is with our clients, customers, or vendors in the world outside or our relationship with one another.

As we grow exponentially, there is ever so often the need to reiterate, reinforce and rededicate ourselves to these fundamentals. In the end, the DNA of an organisation is nothing but the sum total of the values of its individual members.

At quant, individual members are the force behind the company. It is this force which will propel our firm to greater heights.

Each member of the quant family carries the responsibility for making our unique organisational DNA a living embodiment of our true identity.

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